Any user registering at must agree all the terms and conditions mentioned. These
terms and conditions are the set of rules which should be followed by the users on our platform.

General Terms and Conditions

● By creating an account at Hirekar you will consider you have agreed all the terms and
● Registration on hirekar is free. You can create your account for buying, selling Or for
both the purposes.
● For any wrong activity, action will be taken against the user if found.
● While creating the account you need to submit the accurate information about yourself.
● At any point we can change our terms and conditions without any prior notice. It's
completely right and it's your responsibility to check the terms and conditions
● Order will be considered as completed when it's marked as delivered.

Terms And Conditions For Seller

● You can become a seller at hirekar by creating a free account, submitting all the details
and by accepting all the policies.
● Sellers cannot offer buyers to make the payment other than hirekar. If found an action
will be taken.
● Users can offer services, by creating services by mentioning title, price, description,
duration etc.
● Sellers should deliver their work in the given time which they have mentioned in their
● At any event when buyers contract sellers he / she should not commit anything which
may create a problem.
● While offering services, seller needs to be transparent about his offering and should
deliver his work as per the commitments.
● Once the payment is done from the buyers side your order will be confirmed.
● Seller should not demand more amount other than what he / she has mentioned in the
● We hold the right to promote the services of our users. Also, can showcase the work
delivered for marketing purposes.
● If seller is not able to complete the order in the time which is mentioned in the service the
order will be cancelled.

Terms and Conditions For Buyer

● At hirekar if you want to buy any service you need to create a free account by accepting
all the terms and conditions
● In any event, buyers cannot offer payment mode other than hirekar's Payment method. If
anyone found doing this would be terminated and an action would be taken and it's
against the set of rules of Hirekar.
● While buying any service buyer needs to pay the amount mentioned in the service and
should not bargain and offer some other things.
● While placing the order the seller demands payment method other than hirekar you can
contact us immediately.
● Your work will start only after the payment is done.
● Buyer can review feedback after their work has been delivered by the sselle.
● For extra service, the buyer needs to pay extra apart from the original amount.

Terms For Payment

Before making any purchase or selling do read the payment terms for buying or selling any
services at Hirekar. The payment will be done while the buyer purchases any services from the
seller from Hirekar.
● For selling any services you will receive 80% of the total amount you have charged for
the serviceservice and will be credited to you.
● Seller will receive the payment only after completion of the order, not before that.
● Through our payment service provider, the amount will be transferred to the seller which
is received from the buyer.
● Only one payment service provider account can be connected to your Hirekar's account.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Following are the set of terms and conditions of cancellation / refund policy at Hirekar.
● Hirekar, holds the right to hold the funds through its payment service provider for some
reasons like for example to avoid any fraud, unwanted activity, dispute etc.
● In any event if the order is cancelled refund will be provided.
● Cancelling orders back to back or if we detect any activity where we see cancellation is
done for no strong reason then it will impact your account status as we do not encourage
● Cancellation of order will not be considered on the basis of the work delivered. If the
service is done as per the things mentioned in the service it will be considered as
completed. You can't file any dispute against it. In such cases you can leave your review
about it.
● Your cancellation amount won't be directly transferred to your payment provider, it will be
transferred in your hirekar's balance. You can use this balance for future buying.
● You can withdraw your funds when the amount is INR 2000 or more only then you're
eligible to withdraw. This is the minimum payout limit.